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About Us


Neo Leather is a leather company that has been in business for a decades now. We take pride in creating leather and shearling jackets of the finest quality. All these years of delivering quality and affordability have set us at an elevated position in the leather industry. We are based in Istanbul, Turkey. We also have our factory and sales store in Zeytinburnu. Our leather jackets from our warehouses have set their mark across the globe clients. particularly those from Usa,Canada,Russia, And part of Europe.

The water-repellant jackets that you buy today will be passed down generations without even a hint of wear. As for the sheepskin, Spanish Merino is the only material you’ll find here. That’s because the Merino we import from Spain offers unmatched quality and style to any other sheepskin in the world.

What's more? With a beautiful blend of affordability and excellence, you can design your own personalized leather jacket! You'll cook up an idea, and we'll bring it to life!